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    ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ Review: You’d Like Her When She’s Angry

    Beyond this core pair, the characterizations are mostly flat: cliquish students, stuffy authority figures and clueless grown-ups. Sydney’s overtaxed mother, Maggie (Kathleen Rose Perkins), gets the occasional character-deepening scene; Stanley’s brutish trucker dad (Mark Colson) is not so well-served, and Brad is essentially a human varsity jacket. “Okay” shares producers with Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” and […]

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    I Tried 6 Popular Anti-Snoring Devices. Here’s How They Did.

    A year ago, I was diagnosed with nasal polyps and regularly snored like a wild boar. I’ve had the polyps removed, but the snoring continues. I’m not alone. According to Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine (Fifth Edition), “about 40 percent of the adult population” snores. Sometimes my snoring wakes up my husband (and vice […]

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    Chocolate Chip Cookies for Everyone

    In July 2009, The Times ran an article by David Leite, a cookbook author and food writer, that chronicled his quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. The recipe he developed as a result of his deep dive into flour types, hydration periods, chocolate percentages and salt ratios is loosely adapted from Jacques Torres, the […]

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    Buzzy Linhart, Eccentric and Eclectic Singer-Songwriter, Dies at 76

    Buzzy Linhart, a whimsically eccentric singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose compositions were recorded by Bette Midler, Carly Simon and others, died on Feb. 13 in Berkeley, Calif. He was 76. His son Xeno Rasmusson confirmed the death. He said Mr. Linhart had been in declining health since having a heart attack in 2018. The anthemic “(You […]

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    6 Cooper Hewitt Trustees Resign After Director’s Removal

    Six trustees have resigned from the board of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum to protest the removal of the museum’s director, Caroline Baumann, following an investigation into issues including her 2018 wedding. Ms. Baumann was forced to resign on Feb. 7 after an investigation by the Smithsonian’s inspector general into how Ms. Baumann procured […]