Kanye West Sings Another Designer’s Praises

Gossip seekers may be disappointed by the film, which portrays Mr. Lauren’s life as a fantasy of familial bliss resembling one of his advertising spreads. Darker moments, like his surgery to remove a brain tumor, along with other personal setbacks, don’t warrant a mention.

“There are no juicy things in the documentary, there really aren’t,” said Susan Lacy, its director. “Ralph’s not a juicy guy in that way. There’s no scandal, he’s not that kind of subject.”

That interpretation is just fine by Mr. Lauren. “Can people believe there might be people out there who might be honorable? They can’t believe it,” he said. “They won’t be happy unless they find out that I’m a killer or I did something bad.”

But didn’t the film omit important things about his life?

“Yes,” he said. “It left out that I’m charitable, and some more good things.”